Dale and his wife Polly have been citizens of the City of Fridley for over 17 years.  They are very proud of their two sons James and Logan and have been married for over 18 years.

Dale works in Safety & Security Management for American Security & Investigations in Anoka, Minnesota.

Dale has received numerous awards in Safety Management to include earning the “Champion of Safety and Health”, “Safety First Rising Star", and the “Safety First Leadership Award”.

Dale received a B.S. in Broadcasting from Northwestern College, Roseville, MN.  Dale also has course certifications in Business Management, Marketing, Training, Safety, and Security Management.

Dale has also received an extensive military education in numerous military disciplines along with an in-depth education in Management, Organizational Leadership, Budget and Administrative Operations, Communications, Crisis Management, Safety, and Instructional Teaching.

During Dale’s 21 years of enlisted and officer military service he completed two tours of active duty and two state active duty tours in addition to his normal reservist duties.  He volunteered and served on active duty during the first Gulf War-known as Desert Storm.  Dale retired as Captain, Field Artillery.

Dale’s life has been one of performance, dedication, hard work, and service.  He would be honored to serve you as your state representative and the voice of our District.

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The value of a man should be seen in what he gives and not in what he is able to receive
      - Albert Einstein